Outsourced Marketing Management

Marketing is the key but how to evaluate the returns?  We do not have good marketing talent in our city.  Can’t focus on marketing.  I have a  great idea but I don’t know how to market it.

SME’s have the initiative and the hunger to succeed. They operate on a scale where every investment needs to be leveraged. The promoters bear the load of multi tasking, Marketing, HR, Admin, Sales, Production and what not. This generalist approach is a huge hurdle for business expansion. Key to expansion has always been Innovation and Marketing, we trust innovation is your forte where as we specialize is marketing. Tier 2 & 3 cities like Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Aurangabad face a typical problem of marketing brain drain. Skilled marketers migrate to bigger cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Banglore to work for bigger brands and better packages.

Our Outsourced Marketing Management service tries to bridge this gap. You can entrust us with your organizations complete marketing function and focus on innovation and expansion.

Key Sectors we excel in :

Healthcare & Hospitality

B2B and OEM’s

Real Estate & Retail

Education & FMCG

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