About Wisecow

Wisecow Consultants is a specialist strategic media effectiveness consultant group whose purpose is to help business organisations and business managers achieve their marketing and media objectives, from growing sales and increasing profitability to improving stakeholder communication and optimizing engagement levels for all media.

We benchmark, evaluate and monitor our clients’ media investments. This means we will help you understand the complexities of the media process, work hand in hand with your existing media agency, measure your communication effectiveness and enable you to save money and time.

A new industry is strengthening its roots in the small, medium and big industry sectors. It is Outsourced Marketing Management. Many companies feel the need to develop the marketing of their business but are unclear on the processes and the costs involved in establishing a dedicated in-house marketing team.

Most of the times it is the owners and directors of these companies that end up doing the so-called marketing and adding to their many other responsibilities.

At Wisecow Consultants we provide a measurable and scalable solution to this problem.

We act as your company’s “outsourced marketing department”, complementing the existing marketing/media setup, providing effective solutions to all your marketing requirements.

We take charge of all your marketing activity, complementing your existing marketing team, ensuring that every element of your marketing communication works in harmony and delivers result.

Let Wisecow Consultants act as your outsourced marketing team. This leaves you free to focus on where you add most value in the company – on all the other business critical activities that need your focus and attention.

To find out more please call us on +91 98811-96969 or email at kartik@wisecowconsultants.com


We help your brand gain Equity and Longevity by implementing robust processes.

We become the front face of your organization for all media dealings with your media agency, creative agency, Media Houses, thus leaving you to concentrate more on your work.

We work alongside you to gain a thorough understanding of your wider market and the impact this has on your business and organisation.

We then take the time to fully understand the way your business and organization functions – past, present and future. We will research both your customers and your competitors to fully understand the impact they have on your market and your organisation. This will help us make our media strategies more effective.

Once we have achieved a thorough understanding of your business and organization from marketing + media perspective and the challenges, we then jointly formulate a creative strategic pathway with you.

Our objective is to provide you with long lasting solutions that will optimize and enhance the overall effectiveness of your organisation.

Finally, we can help you implement these solutions along with your media agency. These are not to be confused with theoretical exercises, but are real strategies that can have a measurable effect on your marketing objectives.

Above all else, we make a real difference in the media performance of our clients.


We have a combined experience in the Indian Media industry, FMCG and the Telecom industry of more than 20 years ranging from Television to Print, Radio to Events and Exhibitions, Online to BTL.

Every member of Wisecow Consultants has a broad and deep understanding and experience of marketing. We possess our own particular set of marketing skills, helping each of us to adopt a similar approach to tackle the issues facing your organisation.


The story of the Brand and it’s Logo

This is the incredible story of a mother’s journey to keep her family alive. Wisecow is a wise elephant matriarch in her sixties. She lives in Southern Kenya alongside fifteen hundred other wild African elephants. As oldest female and head of the family, she must guide four generations of her relatives through the cruel famine that follows the failure of the latest rains: she must protect them from attack by lions, and keep them away from growing conflict with angry Maasai farmers. Wisecow leads her family out of harm’s way, steers clear of battling tuskers, prevents clashes with neighbours over water, crops or grazing, and avoids natural calamities like deadly mudtraps. As the months pass, she must prevent her family splitting under pressure, and finally bring new babies into the world with the best chance of survival…

Wisecow Consultants aims to be that leader in the Marketing Jungle! Like the Wise Elephant we work to protect your young brand from the modern day business predators. Through experience we guide your brand towards the greener pastures of revenue and profit maximisation. 

Meet The Team @ WCC

  • Amod Bhatkhalkar
    “ If you don’t have a perspective on sales, Advertising for you is just creativity” Amod is one of the Founder Director...
  • Kartik Kapadia
    Kartik Kapadia is one of the Founder Directors at Wisecow Marketing and Media Consultants Pvt. Ltd. As a Director, he...


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