Branding and Corporate Identity

Developing a brand is not about the attractive new logo or developing a new website.

What is branding? What is brand positioning? What should be the brand name? Is brand really an asset? How to measure brand equity? Is branding a very costly exercise? How to create an amazing brand logo? What is your brand story?

The corporate identity of your company or brand creates an opinion on your customers and potential customers about your business. At every communication point like your advertising, your brochure or a visit to your website, messages about your company are delivered. Most of the time, you will not be there to make sure that everytime a perfect message is passed, so it becomes very important that your branding process does the job for you.

It is not difficult to develop and maintain a corporate image or a brand identity. But it is much more than just newspaper advertising or doing social media marketing.

Remember that developing a brand is not about the attractive new logo or developing a website. You don’t always need a new logo design to create an effective brand.

Through tried and tested methods, Wisecow Marketing and Media Consultants will develop your brand identity that can be used in all your marketing materials and across your business.

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