Kartik Kapadia

Kartik Kapadia is one of the Founder Directors at Wisecow Marketing and Media Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

As a Director, he is responsible for Wisecow’s fast growing business clientele. With a rich and varied experience that ranges from media planning, media implementation, online strategising to corporate advertising, Kartik is an individual who fits apt to the terminology of ‘Been there, done that! ” However his expertise lies in setting up new business processes and implementing management control systems.

His passion is to aid in wealth creation by creating more employment opportunities.

Kartik also brings more than a decade-long-rich-experience to the table when it comes to conceptualizing and developing national level presentations for organizations, promotional plans – online & offline, scanning and tapping potential markets for business development activities. As rightfully described by his colleagues, Kartik is a very detailed and process oriented individual who believes in delivering results on time and this is an added advantage to his mentioned skill set.

At Wisecow, Kartik operates parallel to Amod when it comes to strategic innovation, brand Development, and emerging business practices through Online Marketing/E-Marketing. He leads the initiatives by providing creative and resourceful insights which help in analysing the current situation of their clients and how, with their experience, they can help to benefit. His wide spectrum of knowledge makes him a pleasure to be round and work with. Kartik’s thorough analytic skills and insights is what generally helps him deliver spot on, successful results.

He has worked with notable clients in the Real Estate domain, Corporate sector, Retail businesses and almost all the Media sectors as well. Notable engagements include working with Times of India – BCCL (Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd) in markets like Delhi, Mumbai and Pune and also managing National Key Accounts for the launch of a new television channel to name some. He was instrumental in launching Pune Mirror and was heading the team.

Kartik an Alumnus of University of Pune has pursued his MBA degree in Marketing. His interests include video games and playing various musical instruments. He is also an avid reader and he supports Manchester United feverishly!

Specialties: Marcoms Setup, Optimising and Measuring Media Effectiveness, Corporate Advertising, New product conceptualization, Media Planning, Media Implementation, Presentations, Online Strategy.